Sick of Boring PowerPoints? Get Prezi…

Sick of boring PowerPoint presentations? Check out Prezi! Words can’t really describe it, you have to experience it.

Here’s a very good one that demonstrates the real power:

Here’s one that I did using a publicly available resuable Prezi – –  just changed a few words and called it my own, yes you can do it too and it’s a good way to get started. — here’s another one that was created by HubSpot — you’d have to redo the voiceover and change all the places that say “Hubspot”, but if you figure out how to do that, you could use this as your own

I’d like to figure out how to create one from scratch, but there are people on Odesk who list Prezi as one of their skills, and I even found someone on who will do one for $5.  We’ll see how that one turns out.

If you can’t figure out a good use for this tool, you should give up marketing…you can take articles, PLR products (such as, any type of written material and put it into Prezi format and they become VIDEOS. Fun to watch, interesting videos! The possibilities are endless. Especially for LOCAL.

Check it out: — I’m still using the free version but am sure I’ll upgrade at some point.

Whitespark Local Citation Finder

Local Citation Finder

If you’re doing Google Places, you need to build citations.

Here’s a tool I like for finding potential citation sites:

It finds some really unique sites that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Simple But Brilliant

Remember that screen recorder I told you about last week, Some people knew instantly how they could use it, while a few people asked for some ideas.Offline Silver Bullet

Here’s an idea — use it to do a video review of a local business website, then send it to the business owner with a short email and link to the video. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just a quick 5 minute video showing them how their site compares to their top competitors’ and how a few small changes could help them get more traffic, leads, and, most important, customers.

Want a step-by-step guide to doing this? I’ve gone through a few products on the subject and I like this one the best: Offline Silver Bullet

To make it even more effective, you should personalize the video URL with the business or business owner’s name. That’s what I’m doing, with a twist that you’ll hear more about soon…



Great Screen Recorder & Video Sharing Tool

Video is a very easy and effective way to promote your business or demonstrate how to do something, and of course it works great in social media campaigns. For creating short video screen recordings with audio (up to 5 minutes), Techsmith’s Jing is great and I use it often (it’s FREE):

But I needed something with more editing power to create a video for a multi-city campaign. The first part of the video is the same for all cities, so I wanted to record it only once, then record separate videos for each city and splice it in with the “main” video.

This is easy enough to do if you have Techsmith’s Camtasia but if you don’t feel like spending $300, here’s something that does the job AND is web-based. I’ve gradually moved away from software that has to be installed on a desktop, so I was happy to find this tool, and was very happy at the price: $0 for the basic version, $9/YEAR for the pro version.

Beats $300, right?

Here it is: — Enjoy!

3 (No Cost) Local Search Tools

I know it’s been a minute since you heard from me. Things have been crazy busy for the last few months, but it’s all good. The triplets are ALMOST 14 now, which is truly mind boggling. A few weeks ago they signed up for their HIGH SCHOOL courses. Unbelievable!

What have I been up to? Mostly offline consulting and SEO, plus a complete rewrite of my book “How to Promote Your Local Business on the Internet“, which is almost done, WOO! Things certainly have changed since the 1st edition was published (in 2002), most notably how many people have jumped on the local internet marketing bandwagon — OMG! There are some good products and services out there, but also a lot of crap.

In typical reporter fashion, I’ll investigate and report back.

To kick it off, here are a couple of good ones that I found that don’t cost a cent: — tracks Google Map rankings up to 70 positions deep.  You can track generic keywords based on a location, or location + keywords. The tool is built for search marketers who want to be able to get quick email reports of ranking movement daily, weekly, or monthly and the dashboard gives a quick overview of your average ranking position and how many keywords are in the top 7 listings. Enabled me to see at a glance where clients rank in Google Places for their main keywords. Thanks to Mike Ramsey at Nifty Marketing. — monitors the reviews being left about your client/company on the major review engines. Email updates, an easy user interface, and a wordpress plug in. Doesn’t get much better for SMB reputation management thanks to Don Campbell. — you probably know about this one already but just in case … David Mihm‘s is the biggest tool in local search.’s tool tells you at a glance whether a business listing has been claimed on the major search engines, how complete their profile is, and will walk you through the entire listing process. A great resource for local business owners and marketers.

More cool tools coming soon!