Business in Your Backyard?

Today I found a new client, in my backyard … our pool guy. I noticed on his invoices that he has a Yahoo! email address and no website. He takes payments by check only.

I did some preliminary research, found the perfect domain for him, one that contains his business name AND includes a related phrase that gets 800 local searches a month.

Sent him an email with that info and mentioned that I can help him get setup to take credit card payments online. That’s all it took. I picked up the domain name for him, and he’s coming by tomorrow to finalize the deal.

There’s business all around you, just open your eyes to see, and your mouth to ask, especially if you’re already doing business with them. You’d be surprised how many small business owners have been thinking about getting online and would be happy to hear from you!

Get busy. Take action.

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