Great Screen Recorder & Video Sharing Tool

Video is a very easy and effective way to promote your business or demonstrate how to do something, and of course it works great in social media campaigns. For creating short video screen recordings with audio (up to 5 minutes), Techsmith’s Jing is great and I use it often (it’s FREE):

But I needed something with more editing power to create a video for a multi-city campaign. The first part of the video is the same for all cities, so I wanted to record it only once, then record separate videos for each city and splice it in with the “main” video.

This is easy enough to do if you have Techsmith’s Camtasia but if you don’t feel like spending $300, here’s something that does the job AND is web-based. I’ve gradually moved away from software that has to be installed on a desktop, so I was happy to find this tool, and was very happy at the price: $0 for the basic version, $9/YEAR for the pro version.

Beats $300, right?

Here it is: — Enjoy!